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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.11.NQ21180

Investigate and Calculation Electron Transfer Rate Constant in the N749 Sensitized Dye Contact to ZnSe Semiconductor

Mohammed Kamilharmoosh, Mohsin A. Hassooni and Hadi J.M. Al-Agealy


The dye–semiconductor interface between N749 sensitized and zinc semiconductor (ZnSe) has been investigated and studied according to quantum transition theory with focusing on the electron transfer processes from the N749 sensitized (donor) to the ZnSe semiconductor (acceptor). The electron transfer rate constant and the orientation energy were studied and evaluated depended on the polarity of solvents according to refractive index and dielectric constant coefficient of solvents and ZnSe semiconductor. Attention focusing on the influence of orientation energies on the behavior of electron transfer rate constant. Differentdata of rate constant was discussion with orientation energy and effective driving energy for N749-ZnSe system. Furthermore, the electron transfer rate constant is increased with less orientation energy at less effective driving energy while the electron transfer rate constant increased with large orientation energy with large effective driving energy, as seen as the electron transfer rate reach to 1.3109 × 1011 with less orientation energy has 0.188708eV at effective driving energy E=0.22eV comparing the rate reach to 9.7207× 10−96 with driving energy E=1.89eV and same orientation energy. In general, the electron transfer rate constant increases with increases the coupling coefficient of system, its indicate that alignment of energy levels are very good between N749 sensitized metal and ZnSe semiconductor.


Electron Transfer Rate Constant, N749 Sensitized Dye, ZnSe Semiconductor.

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