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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.9.NQ21133

Prevalence of Lice Parasite, Menopon Gallinae, in Local Chickens in Samarra

Aysar Salih Mohammed and Marwa Jasim Mohammad


The present study aimed to determine the ectoparasite infection in domestic chickens. Where it was possible to obtain (80) sample of chickens from both sexes from the fields and local markets to determine the widespread external parasites. Where the study indicated the diagnosis of a common parasite, Menopon gallinae, with an infection rate of 43.75%. The study also recorded the highest rate of infection during the month of November, at 70%, while the lowest rate was in December, 28%. The study also showed changes in the rate of infection according to sex, as the highest rate of infection was recorded in females, reaching 50%, while the rate of infection in males was 33.33%. When studying the presence of infection according to the location of the birds and their livelihood, it was found that the highest rate of infection of the examined chickens was in the local chickens taken from the local markets by 62.5%, while the lowest rate of infection was recorded in the chickens that live in the fields by 31.25%.


Lice, Prevalence, Ectoparasites.

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