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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.9.NQ21130

Study the Effect of Doping Ratios the n-type Silicon SWCNTm / PLA on Solar Cell Efficiency

Maan Abd-Alameer Salih, Q.S. Kareem and Mohammed Hadi Shinen


In this work, SWCNTm / PLA was employed as a fundamental compound, and nanofilms of SWCNTm / PLA were coated onto n-kind silicon substrates. The spin coated technique was used to determine the thickness in (SWCNTm / PLA). Various thicknesses in (SWCNTm / PLA) (162, 100, and 82) n.m are procured via at vary spin spades (1500, 3000, and 4500) r.pm.' light (100 mw/cm2) and dark (J-V) requirements were used to produce the current denisity-volt features. The characteristics of the photovoltaic models namely, open circuit voltage (Voc), short–circuit current density (Jsc), foll ratio (FF), and energy conversion efficiency (ɳ) were calculated. The better thickness of (SWCNTm / PLA) films for highest (ɳ), (Jsc) and greatest power point presentation' is 100 n m, according to our findings.


SWCNTm, PLA, Nano-films, Efficiency (ɳ).

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