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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.8.NQ21105

The Effect of Lateral Internal Sphinctorotomy on Post-operative Pain Following Open Hemorrhoidectomy

Haitham Abdulkareem Yaqoup, Salah Kadhim Muslim and Hashim Sadik Al-Kayat


Hemorrhoid, is one of the most common anal pathologies. It is considered as a big issue in our society, surgical treatment is one of the valid ways to treat hemorrhoids. Pain after surgery is the most important complication beside other complications. Piles are removed with overlying skin removed with hemorrhoidectomy. Pain intensity varies, depending on the patient's pain threshold. This research attempts to see if open hemorrhoidectomy by itself or hemorrhoidectomy and internal sphinctorotomy were effective in treating post-operative pain.


Hemorrhoid, Sphinctorotomy, Post-operative Pain

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