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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.1.NQ21005

Angular Distribution Studies for 65Zn Nuclei from 63Cu (α, pnγ) Reaction Using Constant Statistical Tensor, Least Square Fitting and σ/J Methods

Taghreed A. Younis


Multiple mixing ratios (δ-values) have been calculated for high-spin states excited in 29𝐶𝑢 63 (α,pnγ) 𝑍𝑛 30 65 in present work using constant statistical tensor (CST), least square fitting (LSF) and σ/J methods together with experimental values reported for such γ-transition the good agreement for (δ-values) calculated in these three methods confirms its validity to calculate the (δ-values) for γ-transition.


Least Square Fitting, Constant Statistical, Angular Distribution.

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