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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.11.NQ19113

Synthesis and Characterizations of Polyaniline/Nylone(6) Composites, Electrical Properties and Thermal Stability

Oras Jasim Obies, Dr. Mohammed Ali Mutar, Dr. Raheem Gaaed Kadhim


Practical applications that are related to the conducting polymers including polyaniline (PAn) as membrane have been limited due to the fact that their mechanical properties are low. Yet, to mix the PAn with certain traditional insulating polymers like nylon as well as preparation composite films via blending or solvent casting might be proper approach for increasing the mechanical properties which are related to conducting polymer filmsPAn:nylon-6 composite films have been prepared through a process of diffusion as well as aniline’s oxidative polymerization within nylon 6 as well as nylon-6,6matrixes. Composite films have been subjected to characterization through SEM, FTIR, in addition to their electrical properties. Surface electrical conductivity that is related to HCl of (1M) doped composite films increase and increment in film’s PAn contents. Studying electrical properties within certain isothermal conditions at temperature in range (50-200Celsius) indicated that composite films have been stable in ambient conditions not more than a temperature of 90 Celsius with regard to DC electrical conductivity retention.


Polyaniline/Nylone(6), Composites, Thermal Stability, Polyaniline, Membrane

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