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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.11.NQ19109

Reissner’s Fiber’s Strange Evolutionary Loops

Lawrence Wile, M.D


Reissner’s fiber, a little-known, threadlike aggregation of glycoproteins which originates from the center of the brain and travels the length of the central canal of the spinal cord is a uniquely attractive site for exploring the relationship between quanta and consciousness. Its 5-nanometer filaments are well suited for quantum mechanical activity. The cavities of the third and fourth cerebral ventricles, within which the fiber is suspended, could function as biological analogs of cavity quantum electrodynamic systems used to develop macroscopic quantum structures. If descriptions of a circuit running through the center the spine by the oldest mystical traditions are based on veridical interoceptions, they are descriptions of Reissner’s fiber. The suprasensory perceptions purportedly generated by RF could result from direct consciousness of quantum phenomena deemed to be unperceivable mathematical abstractions by quantum orthodoxy. Through a series of strange loops, Reissner’s fiber is poised to return to its source and ignite an astounding evolutionary leap.


Reissner’s Fiber, Quantum Neurobiology, Nadis, Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Brain, Governing Vessel, Strange Loop, Neurotheology

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