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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019. 17.11.NQ19108

Treatment of (Electric Wires and Machines)- Erosion via Engineering Materials by the Coating

Mustafa T. Mohammed Alhashimi, Nawfel Muhammed Baqer Muhsin


The efficiency of production and manufacturing depends upon the operational environments and condition of the equipment and materials used in the production and industrial development. The main problems confronted via the industries and production are the problems of corrosion and erosion. The damaging effects of rust will cause material and weight loss, also, it is a hazard to the safety of publics, and besides from the fact of destruction, it can reason the mistreatment of presented resources. The cost or charge of changing equipment rises the expenditure. The protection of machines surface from the effects of rust and erosion-rust is a great matter concern in all production applications. Developments in technology delivers a extensive range of systems to overcome hostile environments and conditions. The collection of suitable technology must be after the belvedere of their interaction with background of the environment.


Erosion, Engineering Treatment, Erosion, Covering

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