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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2012.10.1.426

Unbiased Stereological Techniques

Suleyman Kaplan, Sinan Canan


This issue of NeuroQuantology is a special volume on the "Unbiased Stereological Techniques". Articles in this issue are designed to give a basic and comprehensive view about the latest methods of design-based stereology. Stereology is a branch of morphometry, which provide simple methods to estimate various parameters by a correct sampling design, without making biased assumptions about the shape and size of the object or the frequency of the interested particles, or cells. The results of stereological estimations can be considered as unbiased, i.e. free from systematic error, from all practical angles. Papers included in the current issue give background information about some of the basic stereological methods, while the structure of papers are selected so that to put a view about the importance and practical implementation of some crucial points in the application general stereology. Papers are organized according to different subjects of modern stereological methods with a greater emphasis on neurostereology and we tried our best to make this issue as easy to read as possible.


Unbiased Stereological Techniques

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