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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.4.304

Einstein-Bohr Controversy and Theory of Hidden Variables

Miloš V Lokajcek


It has been shown by us recently that Einstein was right in his controversy with Bohr or that the so called hidden-variable theory should be preferred to the Copenhagen quantum mechanics. In the following paper the corresponding arguments will be shortly repeated. The main attention will be then devoted to explaining main differences between these two quantum alternatives, differing in the access to the problem of chance, causality and locality of microscopic objects. The actual meaning of the mentioned hidden variables will be discussed, too, the essence of which remained practically unclear during all past discussions. It will be shown that the theory of hidden variables (or Schrödinger equation alone) is able to represent the properties of the whole known physical reality.


quantum physics; Schrödinger equation; hidden variables; classical physics; Bell inequalities

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