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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.4.326

Possible Role of Clairvoyance in the Evolution: Quantum Mind as a Factor and a Subject of the Evolution

Alexander Ya Temkin


In the present article two problems are considered: the possibility to change the future using the clairvoyance and the role of the clairvoyance (including its use to change the future) as a factor of the living species evolution. In addition, because the clairvoyance is a property of the quantum mind, the more general problem of the quantum mind as a factor and a subject of the evolution is discussed. Let the clairvoyance observation made at time moment t_{0}provide us the information on the future at time moment t_{f}>t_{0}. Whether the knowledge on the future obtained by this way may be used to change this future at t_{f}? The clairvoyance provided the picture of the future, this picture was the result of all events, natural as well as produced by the ALL human activity, including, of course, the attempt to change it using the information obtained by the clairvoyance. This means, such an attempt to change the future leads us to the vicious circle! But maybe it would be possible to by-pass this problem and nevertheless to use the information provided by the clairvoyance to change the future? The present paper is dedicated, first of all, to this problem consideration and solution. The second problem considered in the present paper is whether thinking living beings (e. g., human beings) can have clairvoyance ability and (if yes) can use the clairvoyance, including its ability to change the future, for their thinking and behaviour organization, and for the development of the creativity. It is indicated that the clairvoyance can help living beings to win the struggle for life, which means that by this way it could become a factor of the evolution, in particular, of the mind quantum properties evolution. The possibility of animals' clairvoyance existence and (if it exists) its role as a factor determining directions and rate of the evolution are considered.


clairvoyance; change the future; evolution; quantum mind; quantum consciousness; human creativity

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