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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.4.352

On the Physical Basis of Theory of “Mental Waves”

Andrei Khrennikov


We discuss the conjecture on quantum‐like (QL) processing of information in the brain. It is not based on the physical quantum brain (e.g., Penrose) ‐ quantum physical carriers of information. In our approach the brain created the QL representation (QLR) of information in Hilbert space. It uses quantum information rules in decision making. The existence of such QLR was (at least preliminary) confirmed by experimental data from cognitive psychology; in particular, experiments on recognition of ambiguous figures (Conte et al., 2006; 2009). The violation of the law of total probability in these experiments is an important sign of nonclassicality of data. In this paper we speculate on a possible physical realization of QLR in the brain: a classical wave model producing QLR . It is based on variety of time scales in the brain. Each pair of scales (fine ‐ the background fluctuations of electromagnetic field and rough ‐ the cognitive image scale) induces the QL representation. The background field plays the crucial role in creation of “superstrong QL correlations” in the brain.


quantum‐like model, information processing, brain, Hilbert space representation, classical wave model, background field, electromagnetic field in brain

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