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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.4.348

On Probabilistic Quantum Thinking

Sultan Tarlacı


First paragarph/Professor Elio Conte is a theoretical physicist, a scientist who is active from many years in the fields of the basic foundations of quantum mechanics and in the application of such quantum theory to the dynamics of living matter and its cognitive functions in humans. In detail, his research fields are on derivation of quantum mechanics by Clifford algebra, and on applications of his Clifford quantum mechanical formulations to the analysis of perceptive and cognitive functions in humans. Rather recently he has formulated some very innovative quantum theories based on Clifford algebra and with co-authors as Prof. Joseph P. Zbilut, Orlando Todarello, Andrei Yuri Khrennikov, Antonio Federici at the Department of Pharmacology and Human Physiology and Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences - University of Bari (Italy), he has also obtained experimental results that are of basic significance. His theoretical and experimental results point out profound implications in the fields of neuroscience and of psychology. This is the reason because the Editorial Staff of NeuroQuantology deliberated to dedicate a Special Issue to such scientist.


quantum physics; neuroscience

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