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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.1.1131

Visualization of Information

Daegene Song


One of the surprising and mysterious parts of nature is the form of life. Unlike other physical systems, living organisms exhibit a very peculiar property, i.e., they self-organize, reproduce, etc. Indeed, life has yielded a special aspect of which appears to be the time-reversal process of non-living physical systems in nature. Following the discussion of Schrödinger’s negative entropic aspect of life, it is outlined that biological property may correspond to the classical projection from the semantics of DNA encryption, which is associated with the Dirac-type negative sea of consciousness. In particular, this analogy is similar to the dual nature of light where the photon outcomes in classical space may be considered a projection from the quantum negative sea of consciousness, or aether. Indeed, life, which exhibits the aspect of negative entropy as suggested by Schrödinger, may be considered as an image of consciousness.


Information, Negative Entropy, DNA, Life

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