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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.1.1010

Quantum Biology: Unit Membrane Reduces Entropy Due To Wave Particle Duality

Horst Josef Koch


For decades the conflict between the 2nd thermodynamic law and the evolution of life has been discussed in science. Entropy should increase continuously and this fact contradicts evolution of higher ordered biological states. The current paper presents a quantum biological approach which is based on ion currents of sodium or alike channels that is supposed to produce negative entropy. The concept of matter waves when passing through ion channels leads to highly structured interference signals which can be interpreted as an increase of order or negative entropy following the Boltzmann´s statistics. The concept is supported both by neurobiological data and recent observations of entanglement and coherence in unit membranes.


negative entropy; life; quantum biology; neuron; ion channel; interference

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