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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.1.888

Rotational Frequency Matching of the Energy of the Changing Angular Velocity Magnetic Field Intensity and the Proton Magnetic Moment Produces a Ten Fold Increased Excess Correlation in pH Shifts in Spring Water

Blake T. Dotta, Nirosha J. Murugan, Lukasz M. Karbowski, Stanley A. Koren


Changes in pH in spring water placed in the center of specific temporal parameters of rotating magnetic fields with changing angular velocities separated by 10 meters displayed conspicuous evidence of excess correlation. Serial microinjections of a proton donor into one (increased acidity) of the two volumes were associated with small increased shifts in alkalinity in the other volume that received no treatment. The powerful effect occurred when the specific magnetic field intensity multiplied by the proton magnetic moment produced a quantum energy that matched the rotational frequency of the fields. Higher or lower intensities did not produce this effect. The “entanglement” was observed only for 25 cc but not 50 cc paired volumes. The quantity was consistent with the cumulative magnetic energy from the rotating magnetic fields available to the protons of the hydronium ions and was equivalent to the energy from the neutral hydrogen line per molecule. These experiments may be the first to demonstrate the physical bases and a potential method by which to produce excess correlation in simple “acidbase” reactions at the macroscopic level. The 10-fold increase of the excess correlation at the specific intensity when interacting with the proton magnetic moment occurred when the frequency from that quantum energy matched the rotational frequency of the magnetic field. One interpretation is that when the cumulative energy per H+ during the experiment reaches that of the hydrogen line entanglement occurs. However, when the cumulative energy approaches the equivalent of ~2.72°K (~1023 J per molecule), dissipation into the black body medium that defines the Cosmic Microwave Background prevents the excess correlations from increasing or continuing.


excess correlation, entanglement, neuroquantum effects, pH, rotating magnetic fields, proton magnetic moment, quantum tuning

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