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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.4.886

Enhancement of Theta and Gamma Activity Power Within Fixed Sections of Human Brains Stimulated by Sean Harribance’s Electroencephalographic Configuration: Is He Equivalent to a “Universal Donor” for Entanglement?

Nicolas Rouleau, Michael A. Persinger


The persistence and proficiency by which Sean Harribance has accessed non-local information about the detailed experiences and histories of other people suggests congruence with intrinsic brain structures. Brainappropriate (2 μV) voltage levels of the electroencephalographic patterns that had been recorded from Mr. Harribance’s frontal, centro-parietal, and temporal regions during his most accurate descriptions were applied by needle electrodes to left and right hippocampal formations, temporal stems, caudates, internal capsules, parahippocampal gyri, and insulas within coronal sections of fixed human brain sections. Spectral analyses obtained by adjacent needle sensors indicated that different components of the Harribance Configuration (HC), particularly temporal (T4), and centro-parietal (C4) regions elicited enhanced spectral power within the grey relative to white matter for the theta (4-7.5 Hz) band while only the HC component from the right temporal (T4) region elicited enhanced power within the gamma (40 Hz) band for both grey and white matter. These enhancements could reflect the presence of intrinsic spatial properties within brain tissue that survive fixation and remain responsive to congruent applied electromagnetic patterns. The conspicuous presence of the fundamental and harmonic components of the Schumann Resonance peak frequencies within the HC and recent real-time measurements of intermittent coherence between living human brains and Schumann activities may relate to the Harribance effect. One interpretation is that his accurate descriptions of the experiences and histories of people he has never met reflect access to a source of non-local information associated with the earth-ionosphere wave guide within which all human beings are immersed.


Harribance Effect; excess correlation; entanglement; Schumann Resonances; fixed brain sections; QEEG; right hemisphere

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