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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.2.737

Intersubjective Agreement in a Quantum-like Model of “Paradoxical†Experiments in Biology

Francis Beauvais


In previous articles, we proposed to describe the results of Benveniste’s experiments using a theoretical framework based on quantum logic. This formalism described all characteristics of these controversial experiments and no paradox persisted. This interpretation supposed to abandon an explanation based on a classical local causality such as the “memory of water†hypothesis. In the present article, we describe with the same formalism the cognitive states of different experimenters who interact together. In this quantum-like model, the correlations observed in Benveniste’s experiments appear to be the consequence of the intersubjective agreement of the experimenters.


quantum-like probabilities; Quantum cognition; Scientific controversy; Benveniste’s experiments

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