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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.17.NQ88010

Effective Communication Is A Key Tool For Success, To Achieve This How To Overcome Barriers In Communication

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Gaur, Dr Deep Gupta, Ms. Shivani Kapoor, Mr. Ankit Pal


Communication is a very common concept in everyday life and occurs in all situations, organizations, places, or environments, no work or work or activity is done without effective means of communication. During the communication process, it becomes apparent that obstacles and barriers arise, which are avoidable and inevitable; therefore, one has to inculcate all the necessary skills, attitudes, and traits within himself to successfully overcome all the communication barriers. In this research manuscript, there have been various key areas, types of barriers to effective communication, barriers to effective communication within the organization and processes of overcoming, psychological barriers to effective communication, content barriers to effective communication, and overcoming barriers to communication. Great emphasis has been placed on the obstacles that arise within the organization and the problems that arise as a result of these emergencies. This research manuscript provides valuable information about communication barriers and what types of procedures should be adopted to overcome them.


Barriers, Effective Communication, Organization, Content, Information, Objects

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