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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.17.NQ88006

Causality And Severity AssesmentOf Adverse Drug Reactions Among Mdr-Tb And Xdr-Tb Patients Treated With Different Anti Tubercular Regimens

P. Narayana Swamy, Dr. V Santhosh Kumar


Aim: The main aim of this study is to assess adverse drug reactions among the patients treated with different regimens for MDR and XDR-TB. Materials and Methods: Patients who were diagnosed with MDR and XDR-TB of either gender and with an age of above 18 years were included in this study. The causality assessment of the ADRs was done by using the WHO and Naranjo’s scales. The severity of ADRs in the present study was assessed by using Modified Hartwig and Siegel scale and was classified into mild, moderate and severe. Results: Among the 508 study participants, 161 (31.69%) were observed to be with various adverse drug reactions in this study. In this study, most of the ADRs were observed to be with gastrointestinal related (29.52%) followed by nausea & vomiting (20.07%), swelling and pain at the injection site (3.54%) and ototoxicity (4.33%). According to the Naranjo’s scale, the causality assessment was done and it was observed that among the 161 cases, 9(5.59) were observed to bedefinite,79 (53.55) were observed to be possible ADRs 85 (46.44%) were observed to be probable ADRs and whereas the remaining 7(4.34) were observed to be doubtful ADRs. Conclusion: According to the Naranjo’s causality assessment, most of the ADRs were possible ADRs followed by probable, most of the ADRs were observed to be with moderate severity followed by mild severity. Clinical pharmacists should take responsibility of the identification, management and prevention of adverse drug reactions especially in case of drug resistant tuberculosis patients in order to improve their health related quality of life.


Tuberculosis, Adverse drug reactions, multidrug resistance, extensively drug resistance.

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