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DOI: 10.14704/Nq.2022.20.17.NQ88003

Neuroaesthetic And Indian Sculpture: A Scientific Quest For Brain Response

Dr K Pradeep, Ms. Harsha E.P, Dr Paul T Benzikar, Dr. A Kovalan, Dr. Prasanth Koothoor


This study is an attempt to explore the neuroaesthetics of Indian sculptures within the paradigm of cognitive neuroscience. Indian sculptures acclaimed poignant position in the world as concern of art and aesthetic, but in the explorations of neurological forte is desiccated arena. Neuroscientist Semir Zeki coined the term “neuroesthetics” to describe his pioneering investigations of the neurological mechanisms that underlie art. Neuroaesthetics is the study of how aesthetic perception, production, judgment, appreciation, and emotional response are produced and experienced from a neurobiological basis. While this area of study is relatively new to the field of neuroscience especially in Indian context. The study will opened new sights of exploration with the neuroaesthetic relation with Indian sculpture.


Neuroaesthetic, Aesthetic, Art, Neuroscience, Indian Sculpture

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