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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.16.NQ88008

Coping with Slavery and Racism in Post Slavery Era: A Theoretical and Historical Perspective of Black American Literature

Navita Thakran


Scholars of English literature from various universities have reviewed African, American, Indian, and Canadian literature. These texts are reviewed for unambiguous and clear knowledge and understanding of thoughts and themes of the authors. They have their perspectives on the society, history, and political background of that period. This article will focus on Black American literature and the problem caused by racism over the years. Racism has brought a new form of artistic expression in America, such as “African American Literature” or “Black American Literature”. Redeeming the face of culture of black people from the negative to positive path is the major concern of this literature’s sub-genre. The study reassesses the emergence of Black American Literature from the authors in 18th century like Olaudah Equiano and Phyllis Wheatley to writers in post-slavery era like Paul Lawrence Dunbar. The paper reveals a grim reality of blacks through “The Sport of the Gods” by Dunbar, where blacks were the sport for the gods (whites). This novel is based on a Black American, Berry Hamilton who shares his life experiences and story of other blacks with the readers especially when they came across their slave masters.


Racism, Slavery, post-slavery era, Black American Literature, African American literature, English literature

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