Vol 17, No 6 (2019)

Table of Contents


Psychobiotics, as Promising Functional Food to Patients with Psychological Disorders: A Review on Mood Disorders, Sleep, and Cognition PDF
Aydin Tabrizi1, Leila Khalili, Aziz Homayouni-Rad, Hadi Pourjafar, Parvin Dehghan, Fereshteh Ansari
Novel Pathogenic, Biomarker and Therapeutic Potentials of Foxm1 in Glioma PDF
Seidu A Richard
Relationship of Mindfulness and Cognitive Defusion to Burnout, Openness to Change and Adaptive Performance with Mediating role of Psychological Flexibility: A Case Study of Iran South Railway Company PDF
Seyed Esmaeil Hashemi, Mostafa Asheghi, Abdolzahra Naami
The Neurobiological Mechanism of Emotions and Behavior in Personality Disorders PDF
Barbara Gawda
Developmental Changes in Backbone of Brain Functional Network During the Infancy Period PDF
Paria Samimi Sabet, Farshid Javadi, Hamidreza Pouretemad, Reza Khosrowabadi
Possible Interaction Between Epigenetics, Genetics and Quantum Mechanics PDF
Horst Josef Koch

Computational Neuroscience

The Relativity of Consciousness: The Application of Time Dilation to The Theory of Integrated Information PDF
Gianluca Marzola, Piero di Carlo, Alfredo Brancucci

Cognitive Neuroscience

Neural Recruitment in Subjective Time Perception in a Non-local Model and the Psychological Nature of Attention PDF
Rajat Kumar Pradhan, Asima Tripathy

Philosophy of Consciousness and Mind

Subjective Universe PDF
Daegene Song


Intra-Spinal Stimulation Leads to Activation of Motor Modules and Restoration of Monitored Movements in Spinally-Injured Rabbits PDF
Mohamad Amin Younessi Heravi, Keivan Maghooli, Fereidoun Nowshiravan Rahatabad, Ramin Rezaee

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