Vol 16, No 9 (2018)

Table of Contents


Ontology of Quantum Entangled States No Needs Philosophy PDF
Michele Caponigro
Falsification Experiments for Spacetime Theories from the Neurological Sciences PDF
Ronald Gruber, Ryan Smith, Richard Block
Towards a Coherent Application of the Beck-Eccles Quantum Trigger PDF
Paul Bessler
No only God play dice: Philosophy of Quantum Nonlocality PDF
Michele Caponigro
Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics: Time as Emergent Property Deriving from Quantum Correlations PDF
Michele Caponigro

Basics of Quantum Physics

Psychophysical Interpretation and Conscious Observation in Quantum Field Theory PDF
Rajat Kumar Pradhan

Philosophy of Consciousness and Mind

The Causes of the Hard Problem: A Note PDF
Greg P. Hodes

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