Vol 16, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents


The Experiential Basis of Wave-Particle Duality, Quantum Uncertainty, the Creation and Collapse of the Wave Function, and Quantum Nonlocality PDF
Steven E Kaufman
Euclidean-Planck Metrics of Space, Particle Physics and Cosmology PDF
Amrit Sorli, Uros Dobnikar, Santanu Kumar Patro, Magi Mageshwaran, Davide Fiscaletti
Origin of Quantum Mechanical Results and Life: A Clue from Quantum Biology PDF
Biswaranjan Dikshit
A Classification Method for Epileptic Electroencephalogram Based on Wavelet Multi-scale Analysis and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm PDF
Yiming Tian, Wei Chen, Xitai Wang
Kinetic Study on the OSL Technique Using Human Blood Sample PDF
Kemal Koç, Güneş Tanır, Gülper Aksoy, M. Hicabi Bölükdemir


Does Resting-state EEG Band Power Reflect Fluid Intelligence? PDF
Gülsüm Akdeniz

Behavioural Neuroscience

Application Study of BBS on Unsafe Behavior and Psychology of Coal Miners PDF
YU Yue, LV Yanyan
Reliability Analysis of Driving Behaviour in Road Traffic System Considering Synchronization of Neural Activity PDF
Shouhui He, Lei Chen, Mingshi Yue

Cognitive Neuroscience

Acoustic Analysis of Intensive Language Exposure on Second Language Learners’ Cognitive Perception Pattern of American English Phonemes PDF
Chunyi Zhou
Children’s Landscape Environment Creation Based on Brain Plasticity and Cognition PDF
Yichuan Zhang, Chaoping Chen, Jian Zhou
Computer Aided Technology-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation Efficacy Against Patients’ Cerebral Stroke PDF
Xiaolin Liu, Xiong’ang Huang, Jian Lin, Lin Li, Rui Zhang, Rongtao Ding
Roles of Mindfulness and Perceived Social Support in Mediating the Effect of Psychological Distress on Sleep Quality of College Students PDF
Hongyan Chen
Research on Brand Trust and Financing Risk Preference of E-commerce Based on Neuroeconomic Experiment PDF
Ronggang Zhang

Computational Neuroscience

Brain-oriented Cconvolutional Neural Network Computer Style Recognition of Classical Chinese Poetry PDF
Jing Xuan, Zhongshi He, Liangyan Li, Weidong He, Fei Guo, Hang Zhang, Qiong Wu
Design and Experimental Research on EEG Control System of Unmanned Vehicle Based on Brain-Computer Technology PDF
Jian Liu, Feilong Qin, Wang Dou, Sanshan Xie

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