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Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science

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Vol 17, No 8 (2019) How Humans Used Einstein’s Equation to Reveal the Immaterial Character of an Omnipresent God and Seem Unaware of Its Implications Abstract   PDF
Ayao Edoh Zanou
Vol 12, No 1 (2014) A Tribute to Dr. William G. Roll: A NeuroQuantology Pioneer Abstract   Full Text PDF
Michael Persinger
Vol 11, No 2 (2013) Contributions of Dr. Sirajul Husain in the Greatest Unsolved Problems in Cognitive Science Abstract   Full Text PDF
Ganesh Kumar Seshan
Vol 11, No 2 (2013) A Tribute to Sergio Stagnaro: A Scientific Odyssey Abstract   Full Text PDF
Ivano Camponeschi, Simone Caramel, Nicola Lo Conte, Marco Marchionni, Davide Mastroianni, Luca Obertello, Maurizio Sabattini, Gian Paolo Vanoli
Vol 11, No 2 (2013) Ignazio Licata: The Latest Magna Graecia’s Natural Philosopher Abstract   Full Text PDF
Massimo Pregnolato, Ruggero Rapparini
Vol 9, No 2 (2011): Open Access Issue The Parapsychological Odyssey of Stanley Krippner: An Interview by Rosemary Pilkington Abstract   PDF
Stanley Krippner
Vol 8, No 3 (2010): Open Access: Quantum Mechanics Meets Cognitive Science From “Quantum Mechanics to the Quantum Brain” Abstract   PDF
Erol Başar
Vol 6, No 2 (2008): Open Access: Synaptic Quantum Tunnelling My Odyssey with Sir John Eccles Abstract   PDF
Friedrich Beck
Vol 5, No 4 (2007): Open Access Free Issue On the Unification of Mind and Matter Abstract   PDF
Brian J. Flanagan
Vol 5, No 1 (2007): Open Access: Microtubules and Consciousness Orchestrated Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules: A Model for Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Stuart Hameroff
Vol 4, No 3 (2006): Open Access: Quantum Monadic Brain The Saltatory Sheaf-Odyssey of a Monadologist Abstract   PDF
Gordon Globus
Vol 4, No 3 (2006): Open Access: Quantum Monadic Brain Quantum Intentionality Abstract   PDF
Gordon Globus
Vol 4, No 3 (2006): Open Access: Quantum Monadic Brain Short Odyssey of Teruaki Nakagomi Abstract   PDF
Teruaki Nakagomi
Vol 4, No 3 (2006): Open Access: Quantum Monadic Brain Picture of the World As a Quantum Monadistic System Abstract   PDF
Teruaki Nakagomi
Vol 4, No 1 (2006): Open Access: Spin-mediated Consciousness Theory Thinking Outside the Box: The Essence and Implications of Quantum Entanglement and the Story of Spin-mediated Consciousness Theory Abstract   PDF
Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu
Vol 4, No 2 (2006): Open Access Free Issue My Scientific Odyssey: Uner Tan Abstract   PDF
Uner Tan
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