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Fractals of Brain, Fractals of Mind: In Search of a Symmetry Bond

Edited By Earl R. Mac Cormac, Maksim I. Stamenov

1996 | John Benjamins Pub Co
Copy Available: No

Language: English
Edition: 1
Pages: 359
ISBN: 978-1556191879

This volume discusses the possibilities of modelling different aspects of brain and mind functioning with the formal means of fractal geometry and deterministic chaos. At stake here is not an approximation to the way of actual performance, but the possibility of brain and mind to implement nonlinear dynamic patterns in their functioning. The contributors discuss the following topics, amongst others: the fractal timing of the neural functioning on different scales of brain networking; the edge-of-chaos dynamics in recursively organized neural systems and in intersensory interaction; aspects of fractal neurodynamics and quantum chaos in novel biophysics; the fractal maximum-power evolution of brain and mind; and the chaotic dynamics in the development of consciousness. It is suggested the the "margins" of our capacity for phenomenal experience are "fractal-limit phenomena". Here the possibilities to prove the plausibility of fractal modelling with appropriate experimentation and rational reconstruction are also discussed. A conjecture is made that the brain vs. mind differentiation becomes possible, most probably, only with the imposition of appropriate symmetry groups implementing a flowing interface of features of local vs. global brain dynamics.

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