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Advances in Application of Quantum Mechanics in Neuroscience and Psychology: A Clifford Algebraic Approach

By Elio Conte

2012 | NOVA Publisher
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Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-61470-325-9

The first psychological studies and physics were once both considered together in the realm of psychology. Today, neuroscience, psychology and physics are seen together very infrequently. When physics is seen linked to mathematics as it is in the case of the present book, both these disciplines are considered so abstract and distant from neurologists and psychologists that reading the matter creates difficulties, some prejudice, and considered unable have some advantages. One of the interesting results of this book is that quantum mechanics relates directly to cognitive entities. Consequently, there is evidence that, in order to recover such a gap, an adequate role of quantum physics must be acknowledged and appropriate explanation offered. (Imprint: Nova)

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