DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.4.867

The Quantum Field Model of Experiences, Responses and Thoughts

Rajesh Gajanan Bhutkar


Life is a series of experiences and responses woven in the chain of causality that builds the knowledge system in the universe, a complex system altogether. When we observe the subatomic system or the quantum field, the very act of measurement perturbs the quantum field within. The interaction produces change in the ground state of the quantum field. The mind field is treated as the quantum field as envisaged by various eminent scientists. The theory of perturbation helps us to compute the amount of energy change in the form of unitary time evolution operator followed by the Hamiltonian of the system. The Linear Response Theory helps us to compute not only the amount of energy responsible for the perturbation but to estimate the probable responses from such quantum field of the mind subjected to the perturbation. Thus the continuous series of measurements, perturbations and responses build the chain of causality within the mind field itself to perceive the continuity of the life. We will see in this attempt; the formulation of functionality of mind field part, identity of the observer, kind of observable, the process of realization of being experienced and null state of the mind.


Quantum Field; Consciousness; Mind; Brain; I; Self; Sensations; Response; Experiences

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