DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.2.849

The Concept of the Lighter Shadow Matter Body and Brain: A Valuable Contribution to Mind-Brain Problem

James Paul Pandarakalam


The physicist Gerhard D. Wassermann’s shadow matter body and brain theory is a novel concept that satisfies many of the deficiencies in consciousness studies. Sigmund Freud offered both structural and functional views of the mind; Wassermann postulated his own structural view of the body and the mind. He applied the concept of shadow matter to the neurosciences, and brought psychic phenomena within the mechanistic framework. The concept of lighter shadow matter body (LSM-BO) and lighter shadow matter brain (LSM-BR) compensates for discontinuities in the traditional anatomical design of human beings. Wassermann’s LSM-BO theory has brought the elusive body of psychical research into the realm of the physicist. Producing convincing evidence for the existence of LSM-BO would constitute a breakthrough in the history of medical sciences and would contribute significantly to the emerging new science of para-biology, which is gradually replacing traditional scientific understanding. Wassermann’s hypothesis was based on what he described as ‘indirect evidence’, mainly consisting of paranormal reports. He claimed that LSM-BR supplies the machinery for telepathy, clairvoyance, extra-somatic experiences and apparitions of the living and dead. The assumption that the shadow matter universe co-exists with our material universe leads to the conjecture that our material body may co-exist with shadow matter. A corollary of this supposition would be that the material body is insulated by an LSM-BO that protects it from the unwanted effects of the shadow matter environment. Wassermann may be accused to being mistaken in his attribution of all mentality to LSM-BR, but his theory may be complementary to existing theories of consciousness and form a substratum for consciousness. For those whose scepticism regarding psychical phenomena is based on the alleged inconceivability of explanatory physical mechanisms, Wassermann probably offers a way forwards. The concepts of LSM-BO direct us towards a multi-energy-system model of human consciousness. Theoretical speculations such as those in this rendering are essential to science because they point the way to new fields of experimentation. This paper is an attempt to expand the understanding of the enigma hidden in Wassermann’s theory of shadow matter body and brain and to link it with NeuroQuantology.


Lighter shadow matter body; Lighter shadow matter brain; consciousness; Para-histology; cellular memory; psychic phenomenon

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