DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.3.831

Biological Quasicrystals and the Golden Mean: Relevance to Quantum Computation

John Gardiner


Since the discovery of metallic quasicrystals, which lack translational symmetry, much work has been done on their characterisation. In particular mathematical aperiodic tilings have been invoked in an effort to explain their existence. It appears that in three-dimensional quasicrystals non-local quantum effects may not be required. However, here I present some instances - ribosome organisation in embryonic plants, neurotransmitter receptor complexes in animal nervous systems, the cross-section of microtubule bundles and nucleic acids - where biological two-dimensional quasicrystals may occur. Two-dimensional quasicrystals do require non-local quantum effects. This has possible ramifications for both plant development and consciousness. The golden mean is integral to the structure of aperiodic tilings and is found widely in nature, including in plant development, brain EEG waves, and in the consciousness of beauty. I suggest that somehow the encoding of the golden mean in sub-cellular quasicrystals leads to its expression in these macro systems.


quasicrystal; golden mean; consciousness; plant development; non-local quantum effects

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