DOI: 10.14704/nq.2005.3.4.79

Experimental Study of Macroscopic Nonlocality of Large-scale Natural Dissipative Processes

S M Korotaev, A N Morozov, V O Serdyuk, J V Gorohov, V A Machinin


Phenomenon of quantum nonlocality may play an important role in some macroscopic brain processes. But as a matter of mechanism of persisting of entanglement on macro-level is very difficult, it is reasonable at the beginning to study macroscopic nonlocality on simple non-living systems. Nonlocal dependence of dissipative processes is described as relation of the entropy productions in a probe process (detector) and environment and probably has in its foundation quantum nonlocality. Its peculiarity is availability of unusual advanced correlation for noncontrolled by an observer processes. The natural process of geomagnetic variations gives a convenient possibility for study of this effect. The long-term experiment allowed to estimate the cross-section of nonlocal transaction and to detect advanced correlation. The possibility of employment of the latter for geomagnetic activity forecast has been demonstrated. Similar advanced transaction might take place in the dissipative processes in some brain structures.


nonlocality, entanglement, time, entropy, forecast, geomagnetism

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