DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.3.744

Manifestation of Quantum Mechanical Properties of a Proprietor’s Consciousness in Slit Measurements of Economic Systems

Igor G. Tuluzov, Sergiy Melnyk


The present paper discusses the problem of quantum-mechanical properties of a subject’s consciousness. The model of generalized economic measurements is used for the analysis. Two types of such measurements are analyzed – transactions and technologies. Algebraic ratios between the technology-type measurements allow making their analogy with slit experiments in physics. It has been shown that the description of results of such measurements is possible both in classical and in quantum formalism of calculation of probabilities. Thus, the quantum-mechanical formalism of the description of states appears as a result of idealization of the selection mechanism in the proprietor's consciousness.


consciousness; fundamental measurement; economic; quantum mechanics; slit experiment

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