DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.2.743

Modeling in Economics and in the Theory of Consciousness on the Basis of Generalized Measurements

Sergiy Melnyk, Igor Tuluzov


The standard approach to modeling of systems involving subjects (economic subjects, in particular) is based both on the information on their structure and the phenomenological assumptions on their properties. The alternative approach used in the physical theory is based on the analysis of group properties of a set of measurements of the observed system. The aim of the present paper was to study the possibilities of its use for modeling in economics. It has been shown that in the general case the quantum mechanical formalism of the theory of selective measurements is required for that. A proprietor's refusal or consent for the offered transaction is considered as a result of elementary economic measurement. The algebra of such measurements has been constructed. The economic analogs of the elementary slit experiments in physics have been created. The proposed approach can be also used for consciousness modeling.


consciousness; fundamental measurement; economic; quantum mechanics

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