DOI: 10.14704/nq.2013.11.3.687

A Testable Application of Nonlinear Whole Neurobiology: Possible Transformation among Vision and Other Sensations

Yi-Fang Chang


Different sensation systems are usually independent each other. Our collective open out the potential of blind children, and found through a period training of time, some children by touch or nose or ear can distinguish different colors, even simple figure and numbers. From this and other research, we propose a hypothesis: The neural excitable cell is continuously induced and excited, then grow out new synapse and dendrite, and the feeling system, hearing system, smell system, etc., may joint to visual system, and form a new neural network, and achieve finally a transformation among vision and other sensations. Further, we propose some possible tests, for example, for trained mammal, etc., and research possible theories. It is a testable application of the nonlinear whole neurobiology. This may build a bridge between modern science and traditional culture, religion.

NeuroQuantology | September 2013 | Volume 11 | Issue 3 | Page 399-404


neurobiology; vision; nonlinearity; sensation, transformation

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