DOI: 10.14704/nq.2012.10.3.597

International Cognitive Neuroscience Meeting, Cognitive-IX, Abstracts, April 13-15, 2012, İstanbul

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Cognitive neuroscience meetings also known as Marmaris International Cognitive Meetings next year will be held in Istanbul as well as in an academic environment. There are two principal reasons for this decision. First one is financial short-cuts over the years. The second one is reduced numbers of attendies from interdisciplinary fields which have been very important for cognitive neuroscience and related meetings. We will organize 3-day meeting starting from Friday April 13 th to Sunday afternoon. Each day will start plenary lectures and discussions continued by afternoon sessions including panels followed by the oral presentations. People who wish to present posters will have three full days. Panels will be organized by Dr. Lütfü Hanoğlu who is also meeting's secretary and Dr. Çiğdem Özkara who is well known in epilepsy research in Turkey. The venue of the Cognitive IX th will be Istanbul Medipol University which is one of the recently established private universities in town. I am sure we will have warm welcome during the meeting which was already shown by the officials.

I invite you to the Cognitive IX th to share your research and knowledge again.

Best wishes.

Dr. Oğuz Tanrıdağ
International Cognitive Neuroscience Meeting

NeuroQuantology 2012;10(3):S1-18


cognivite neuroscience; İstanbul

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