DOI: 10.14704/nq.2005.3.1.57

Quantum Psyche: Quantum Field Theory of the Human Psyche

Belal E. Baaquie, François Martin


We postulate that the human psyche is a particular excitation of an underlying universal psychic (consciousness) quantum field. The human psyche is postulated to have a representation similar to a quantum system, with virtual and physical states corresponding to the potentiality and actuality of the human mind. We postulate that free will plays a central role in the transition from potentiality to actuality and vice versa. We model the psyche as a non-Abelian and supersymmetric quantum field, with its interactions mediated by another supersymmetric vector quantum field. We propose a model for the ground state of the human species, and show how an individual's psyche is created as excitations on the individual's ground state. We briefly give a quantum description of the waking and sleeping states of the human psyche, and lastly propose a model for the substructure of the human psyche based on the ideas of bound and entangled states.


psyche; consciousness; Quantum Field Theory; nonlocality; quantum entanglement

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