DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.4.498

p-Adic Structure of the Genetic Code

Branko Dragovich


The genetic code is connection between 64 codons, which are building blocks of the genes, and 20 amino acids, which are building blocks of the proteins. In addition to coding amino acids, a few codons code stop signal, which is at the end of genes, i.e. it terminates process of protein synthesis. This article is a review of simple modelling of the genetic code and related subjects by concept of p-adic distance. It also contains some new results. In particular, the article presents appropriate structure of the codon space, degeneration and possible evolution of the genetic code. p-Adic modelling of the genetic code is viewed as the first step in further application of p-adic tools in the information sector of life science.


genetic code, p-adic distance, DNA and RNA, codons, amino acids, proteins, evolution, information

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