DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.3.448

Applying Consciousness, Infinity and Dimensionality Creating a Paradigm Shift: Introducing the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm

Vernon M. Neppe, Edward Close


Despite our current reductionistic materialist paradigm allowing explanations of almost all aspects of our experience, certain areas of scientific endeavor are still contradicted. This motivates the need for a new paradigmatic approach to integrate several different scientific disciplines and to postulate a new and comprehensive model, producing a paradigm shift. But this is not easy and has never before been achieved: Previous models have often ignored the fundamental role of an extended consciousness. Even in the score of Theories of Everything (TOEs) recognizing consciousness, few include multiple extra dimensions, and only in our Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Paradigm (TDVP) are infinity, order and life fundamentally incorporated. TDVP regards the unification of space and time as insufficient, and postulates that space-time and a broader extended “consciousness” (STC) are fundamentally tethered from their finite origin, such that even when the tethering becomes loose or untethered, the fundamental link still exists. The TDVP model allows for the interfacing within, across and between multiple dimensions of finite subreality (by a process called “indivension” and a content of “vortices”) and allows, too, for individuals or any groups (“individual units”) to experience their own unique reality. This finite reality bridges an all-pervasive infinite subreality essence of all-embracing time, space, and extended consciousness (meaningful information) as well as extropy (multidimensional order) and potential life. Comparing TDVP with 20 other Theories of Everything across 35 different parameters, TDVP scores 35/35. No other model scores above 20/35 other than the original models of Neppe (Vortex N-dimensionalism and Close (Transcendental Physics). But TDVP is far more than a theoretical model. It is supported empirically, has areas of testability in our 3S-1t (three spatial dimensions with one point of time) domain, has mathematical and logical support including the calculus of distinctions and generates six hundred ideas, speculations, hypotheses and extensions for research. Philosophically, the model of TDVP uniquely involves “Unified Monism”.


Axioms; Bottom-up; Calculus of distinctions; Close; Content; Dimension; Essence; Extropy; Falsifiability; Feasibility; Finite; Individual-unit; Infinity model; Influence; Information; Integrated; Intent, Interactions; LFAF; Life

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