DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.4.421

Isomorphic Concepts for Uncertainty Between Consciousness and Some Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

Franz Klaus Jansen


Quantum mechanics based on uncertainty measurements are generally thought to be associated with weird conceptions, not conceivable in the macrocosm. Nevertheless, quantum mechanics and consciousness seem to have some isomorphism. At the first person viewpoint the present and the recent past can be considered as observable reality in consciousness, which is associated to certainty, the far distant past and future can only be considered as potentiality, linked to increasing uncertainty. Similar to quantum mechanics, uncertainty represents a major component in consciousness, which has to be controlled for allowing predictions with probability. There is a general rational principle consisting of superposition with probability and applicable to physics, biology and psychology, which allows prediction, if precise information is unavailable. This principle seems to show isomorphism between quantum mechanics and consciousness.


isomorphism; quantum mechanics; consciousness; uncertainty; probability; superposition; non-locality; timelessness

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