DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.1.388

The Biophysics at Death: Three Hypotheses With Potential Application to Paranormal Phenomena

Michael A. Persinger, Linda S. St-Pierre


Major explanations for the potential physical changes at death are explored quantitatively. MacDougall’s weight loss measurements of dying patients are examined as an artifact of respiratory burst phenomena and as a potential variant of entanglement. The death flash, when considered as an integrated conversion of membrane potentials into biophoton emissions with intensities above the threshold for detection, is quantitatively compatible with biophysical mechanisms. The modulation of the optimal conditions that produce visibility by local geomagnetic intensities and man-made objects that distort these fields could explain the low frequency incidence of these observations. The release of fields of photons at death even below the threshold for visible detection and in the order of 10-11to 10-13 W/m2 may maintain information that has the potential to be represented in space-time (hyperspace).


clinical death; energy release; weight changes; entanglement; quantitative solutions; geomagnetic field

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