DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.2.282

Quantum Nonlocality: Does Nature also Perform the Trick Via a Biological Route?

Fred H. Thaheld


While we do not yet know how Nature is nonlocal, interdisciplinary research in the areas of physics, biophysics and neuroscience going back over 4 decades, reveals that Nature is nonlocal. Nonlocality appears to have been observed between human subjects’ brains, human neural stem cells and in quantum coherence in muscle contraction in single actin filaments. And, since the neurons are entangled, this introduces the concept of biological quantum nonlocality being ‘generated’ or ‘accessed’ each time that they fire, and an action potential is achieved. This could then provide not only for a resolution of the binding problem and the reverse direction problem, since this biological quantum nonlocality containing information, is not only being ‘generated’ and shared by the neurons continuously and instantaneously but, could lead to biology pointing the way to new physics!


action potential, binding problem, biological quantum nonlocality, neuron, nonlocal information, reverse direction problem

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