DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.1.273

Schrödinger Wave Equation and Function: Basics and Concise Relations with Consciousness/Mind

Mustafa Erol


Scientists used to believe until recently that the consciousness/mind/thought is a purely metaphysical concept and hence has nothing to do with science. However recent scientific research both theoretically and also experimentally strongly imply that consciousness/mind/thought is in fact a physical concept and could be investigated by scientific means. This very exciting and revolutionary approach recently attracted much interest to the subject. However, the nature of the subject needs interdisciplinary collaboration of especially neuroscientists and physicists/quantum physicists and also possibly psychiatrists, philosophers and more. This paper is therefore organized and prepared in order to serve to bridge the gap between especially neuroscientists and quantum physicists. The present work in particular deals with the Schrödinger wave equation and wave function that lie right on the spine of the entire quantum physics and must be understood clearly before any further steps. More specifically, the paper focuses on philosophical approaches to consciousness, Schrödinger wave equation, wave function and its physical meaning, generalization of the wave function and finally general remarks on the relation between consciousness/mind and quantum physics. Scientific and philosophical background is momentarily fulfilled in advance to enhance the emotional willingness of the readers.


quantum physics; Schrödinger wave equation; wave function; consciousness; mind; brain

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