DOI: 10.14704/nq.2008.6.4.202

Year Long Measurement of Biophoton Emission of Hands and Feet

Frederic Laager


Biophoton emissions from four healthy human subjects were measured for 52 weeks. The patterns appearing on the palm and dorsal side of the hands and the feet were related to the seasonal influences. By using a Yin & Yang polarisation formula we plotted the data in X and Y directions, which showed distinct patterns between each subject. A similar observation was made for frequency count analysis of the emission rates, differentiating the subjects from each other. Seasonal variation of the biophoton emission rates showed similar patterns to other previous data. There might be a relationship between seasonal affective disorder or serotonin levels and the results. The perspective of traditional Chinese medicine allowed us a better understanding of our results. For example the Yin & Yang polarisation theory defines body regions as active or passive and also classifies people in definite types of yin or yang. These results are an initial step in the direction of the development of a biophoton diagnosis tool.


Biophoton emission, Yin and Yang, hands, feet, serotonin

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