DOI: 10.14704/nq.2008.6.4.199

Consciousness as Evolutionary Process based on Coherent States

Fritz-Albert Popp


Consciousness, which is based on Descartes statement “cogito ergo sum” refers to our capacity of asking questions rather to statements about the so-called reality. It concerns the field of potential information instead of the so-called actual information. In order to describe its contents we like to suggest a measure of potential information in terms of the capacity of actualities in the possible contents. This definition is able to include a variety of relevant consequences i.e. the appearance of a memory, the question of time down to relation of molecular events (biophotons). Consciousness works for evolutionary purposes which is not a matter of fact but a process. We like to add that the improvement and the optimization of consciousness is at the same time the most important healing power of our life.


Quantum theory, coherent states, actual and potential information, entropy, time, evolution

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