DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.11.1855

Unified Field Theory Based on Bijective Methodology

Amrit Sorli, Santanu Kumar Patro, Davide Fiscaletti


Einstein’s dream was to describe all fundamental forces by an unique field. This article is an attempt to realise this Unified Field Theory (UFT) using the bijective methodology, which confirms that both the particles and fields cannot exist in an empty space, deprived of physical properties. Space is a 4D continuum as denoted by Einstein; space is the fundamental energy of the universe, a super-fluid in which energy is syntopic. Electric field is excitation of this 4D super-fluid by coordinates X1, X2, X4. Magnetic field is excitation of this 4D super-fluid by coordinates X1, X3, X4. Bio-field (also called “morphogenetic field”, “QI” in Eastern medicine) is excitation of this 4D super-fluid by coordinates X1, X2, X3, X4. Strong nuclear force and gravity have origin in the diminished energy density of this 4D super-fluid caused by the presence of massive particles and massive objects. In this article, we have integrated ‘biofield’ in Unified Field Theory. We also give the theoretical basis of how variable energy density of 4D super-fluid could be used in antigravity technology.


unified field theory, bijective methodology, quantum vacuum, super-fluid space.

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