DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1618

A Comparative Study of the Brain Mechanism of Metaphor between Chinese and English

Feng Lu


The purpose of this study is to reveal the unique law and mechanism of Chinese metaphorical processing. This study adopts Event-Related Potential (ERP) to further explore the mechanism of metaphorical processing in Chinese brains by using cognitive linguistic experimental paradigm and three kinds of grammatical structures, such as sentences, idioms and phrases. ERP method has been widely used in the research of brain cognitive function in recent years with the advantage of high time resolution. We can capture the changes of ERP waves of millisecond level by using ERP recorder. From the statistical analysis of SPSS, the average accuracy of metaphor is more than 90%, and the average accuracy of non-metaphor is more than 90% too. It is found that metaphorical processing is not only performed in any hemisphere, but also presents the dynamic distribution from left brain to right brain according to the standard level and semantic distance.


Metaphorical Brain Mechanism, Chinese-English Bilingual, ERP

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