DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.6.1542

Training of Measurement & Control Technology Talents Based on the Concept of Whole Brain Education

Juan Tang, Lihua Li, Wendi Wang


The concept of Whole Brain Education has developed rapidly since it was introduced into China, and has attracted wide attention of many educators. But at the same time, Whole Brain Education is a brand-new concept and introduced to China relatively late, so it needs a longer process to be accepted by the public. On the basis of Whole Brain Education, this study discusses the difference between the results of both left hand and right hand receiving the training of operating the measurement and control instruments and the conventional dominant hand receiving training by a controlled experiment. In the specific operation, the experimental group adopts "left hand and right hand learning related operation simultaneously" and the control group adopts the conventional training method of dominant hand combination. The research shows that the training effect of the left hand and the right hand simultaneously operating the measurement and control instruments based on the concept of Whole Brain Education is better than that of the conventional training based on dominant hand.


Measurement and Control Instrument, Whole Brain Education, Talent Development

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