DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.5.1401

Application of Phase Optical Time Domain Reflectometry in Brain Tumor Surgery

Song Wang, Yanzhu Hu


Maximum removal of brain tumors and maximum neuroprotection of the brain are the keys to brain tumor surgery. In order to solve such problems as inaccurate positioning, long positioning period, high cost in traditional brain tumor detection assistance, using a new spectral imaging technology to detect brain tumors to assist the brain surgery has become a hot topic in the current researches. This article first introduces the relevant background of the direction of brain tumor research, explains the principle and steps of filtering method based on wavelet threshold, finally studies the application effect of phase optical time domain reflectometry in brain tumor surgery, and verify its effect through experiments on mice. The experimental results show that the recognition and positioning of brain tumor can be realized effectively by using the phase optical time domain reflectometry, which can provide highly accurate and instant assistance for brain tumor surgery in the form of images. The research in this paper provides a supplement to the practical application of advanced spectroscopy in brain tumor surgery and is of great significance in guiding the scientific development of brain tumor surgery techniques.


Phase Optical Time Domain Reflectometry, Brain Tumor, Wavelet Threshold, Experiment on Mice, Spectroscopy

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