DOI: 10.14704/nq.2018.16.5.1273

Cognitive Mechanism of Economic Management Risk Based on Correlation Potential Neuroimaging

Lei Zhi


Intuition and reasoning are two major types of human decision-making and judgments. With the development of behavioral economics and decision-making neuroscience, more and more scholars are no longer satisfied with simply studying intuitionist decision-making from the perspective of speculative and theoretical framework. Instead, they introduce the idea of experimental science into decision-making research in management science. From the aspects of behavioral science and neuroscience, the existing intuition decision-making research is summarized. The main contributions of the experimental research on the intuition decision-making mechanism and the experimental design of the intuition decision-making task are summarized. Finally, an event-based Potential (ERP) technology to determine the experimental design of intuition, designed a risk management experiment of economic management to study the neural basis behind decision-making, the use of ERP technology features high temporal resolution, focusing on the analysis of the key aspects of economic management process and Found in all aspects of treatment based on the composition of EEG.


Cognitive Mechanism, Economic Management Risk, Potential Neuroimaging, Event-based Potential, EEG

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